A story of success begun over 40 years ago.

Safra operates since 1970 in a highly specialized market in shipyard, automotive, railways and many other fields, holding an absolute leadership position.

MIG and TIG welding wire, made in aluminium, bronze and their alloys is commercialized supported by dealers and/or distributors in every country, as well as our final users.
Our distribution network covers the entire world market.

ISO 9001 and JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) certified, Safra is appreciated for the widely recognized quality of its products, also considering its world major customers and its numerous approvals, including TUV, DB, ABS, LLOYD'S, RINA.

At the moment Safra employs a highly professional and mastery working team, that includes engineers and metallurgical experts. This team is operating in the internal research and development lab.

Safra SPA acquired the french company Migweld Sas in 1997
that held a similar production, with the aim to expand and consolidate its market.

In 2002, Safra SPA established the brazilian company Brallco Ltda, created for a vertical integration of the copper-based product specifically designed for the needs of every single customer.

Our Values

Respect for our Traditions
We are an independent family owned company since more than 40 yrs.
Therefore we set our long term view based on our traditions and openness for necessary change.

The world is our environment
Snce the beginning of our activity we look at the whole world as our market. We are always open to new possibilities in a fast changing market, always doing the best for caring about social diversities and local culture of our partners.

We aim to be the reference for the market
We aim to be the best and not to become complacent with what we have accomplished. We promote the willingness of every single employee to perform.

We stay to our words and actions
We are reliable partners in working with our business associates and within the company.
We are responsible for our actions and stay to our agreements.

Respect and Honesty
We encourage a trustful and open atmosphere.
In our relationship with partners and with our employees, we respect, of course, the dignity of every person.

Willingness to learn
We all are constantly developing our skills, to respond positively to new tasks and changes.

Our Objectives

To be the market leaders
To be the worldwide market and technological leader in welding wires applications.

To be growth oriented
To increase our business volume by improving our market share with existing customers and continue to lure new business partner on a worldwide base. Our best asset is our customer community.

To be profitable
We want to finance our growth with a profitable business to ensure our independence and the continuity of our existence.

To improve our quality
We aim to satisfy our customers by driving products and processes throughout innovation, cost competitiveness and quality, anticipating rather than following their needs.

To be fast
We smartly plan our workflows to implement changes and improvements in the quickest possible way to respond to the continuous changing market requirements

Our Plants


Location: Travagliato, BS, Italy

Surface: 45.000sqm


? Aluminium and aluminium alloys welding wires and rods
? Copper alloys welding wires and rods



Location: Lauro de Freitas/Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Surface: 200.000mq


? Casting and manufacturing of copper alloys wire and rod.
? Manufacturing of semi-finished copper alloy wires.



Location: Dijon, France

Surface: 11.000mq


? Aluminium and aluminium alloys welding wires and rods